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New castings that are available for disk valve housings. The splayed casting at the top is for a 750 engine so you can use a larger carb such as a weber. The bottom two castings are for the 500cc engine and the 680cc engine which are the ones i will be starting with and use a solex carb. I also have a 750 cc carburetor manifold which is not shown.  Until I get my engine on the dynomometer i will not know what difference the various carbs will make. There is also the option of fitting spacers between the carbs and the manifold to make the inlet tract longer. This is something mentioned in old Konig tuning data which i hope to try at a latter date.  
konig disc valve castings

This photo shows the new engine cases and new cylinder heads. The cases have no liners and the bores will be nikociled which is the same as all modern two strokes. The cases are heat treated and require minimal machining. The ports need hand finishing before they are sent to have the bores coated. The cylinder heads will have o rings fitted which will make everything watertight . There will be 3 o rings , one for each bore and 1 for round the outside of the case. The o rings are made of viton which stands extreme temperatures. konig engine cases and cylinder heads  

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