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Photo showing some of the new engine parts that I have had  made. I am now in the process of assembling two engines for customers to race with. This is just the start of the Konig engines as I need to get the first new engine on the dyno to see what improvements I can make. I hope to have an engine in my sidecar this year that is making 90 hp at the back wheel to start with and getting 100 reliable hp by the end of next season. I will keep everyone updated.
new konig engine parts

The new engine should be finished machined by the end February and the original engine complete with new liners should be fitted to the sidecar so I can align the chains to the back wheel and finish the exhausts. I have sent for my racing licence for this year so apart from the van floor mods we are nearly ready.

I am also getting parts together to make a 500cc Konig solo which I will get someone else to race. This will be a long term project as I need to get the sidecar up and running and reliable before I start assembling the solo. If anyone needs parts for a solo or sidecar get in touch as it is more cost effective to get batches of components made rather than one offs.  


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