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2012 season

My Konig sidecar is still priority number 1 so at least I am now making some headway with it. As mentioned on my first page one engine is ready to build and the other new engine is well on the way . The rest of the sidecar is finished apart from fitting the engine and painting the fibreglass. I will keep everyone informed of progress.

Honda CB77 race project. This is bored to 350 cc but needs assembling and lots of time spending on it. Needs some wheels with alloy rims if anyone has any. 

Kawasaki H2

Still in kit form and will have to wait until i get the sidecar finished and tested.

Honda CL 450 should be tested and on the road this summer

Greeves Oulton 

The Greeves is also waiting for me to finish my outfit. I managed to finish bracing the frame and have finished making the footrest hangers. The next step is to finish the engine plates and fit the wheels. It should not take too long to finish it as I have most of the parts including a new ignition. Once I get my outfit up and running this is the next bike to finish. I have also purchase quite a lot of Greeves parts, especially engine bits if anyone is short of anything they need give me a phone call.

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