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The following photo shows the front of the exhausts (which I have not finished). It is a tight squeeze to get them both in and keep them inside the fairing. I will be wrapping the exhaust system in a heat resistant material to try to keep heat away from the carburettor and from myself as I am lying on top of the exhausts. The exhausts have been made to a set of drawings from the original konig factory. I am not sure if these will be the best for the outfit but they are a good starting point. You can just see the top of the water pump at the bottom of of the photo as it sits below the exhaust system.
konig exhausts

This photo shows the exhausts from the side view. I still have to make the brackets which support the exhausts and make some silencers which will fit over the stingers at the end of the exhausts. All the fabrications are now finished and just waiting for the engine to get rebuilt ready for fitting. The last job will be to sort the chain alignment an fit the newly painted fibreglass. I have a new crank, new pistons, new ignition, new carburretor ready for the cases. Hopefully 2012 will be the season that the Konig goes racing
konig exhausts side view  

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